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We have the pleasure to announce the 2006 tourist season and to offer you the fascinating and unforgettable tours on board the legendary "Nostalgie Istanbul Orient Express" train known as " the Train of Kings and the King of trains".
Within 14 days you will have an infrequent chance to travel across Siberia, Mongolia and China, to visit Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Ulan Bator and Beijing. You will be able to see the lake Baikal, as well as ancient relics, architectural and cultural sights.

1. Day
Flight Germany - Moscow
Transfer to the hotel. Welcome dinner in restaurant.
2. Day
Moscow  - City-tour
In the afternoon accommodation on board NIOE train.
Departure from Moscow.
3. Day
St. Petersburg  - City-tour
4. Day
Day and night on board the train.
5. Day
Arrival in Ekaterinburg. City-tour.
6. Day
Arrival in the biggest Siberian city Novosibirsk.
7. Day
Arrival in Krasnoyarsk. City-tour.
8. Day
Arrival in Irkutsk. City-tour.
9. Day
The rest on Lake Baikal. Excursion program.
10. Day
Arrival in Ulan-Ude - capital of Buriatia. City-tour.Visit of the Buddhism Center in Russia.
11. Day
Arrival in Ulan-Bator. City and suburban tour, includinga visit of Mongolian Mountains. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight in the hotel.
12. Day
Ulan-Bator  -  Departure from the hotel. City tour.
Transfer to NIOE train.
13. Day
Arrival in Erlian (Chinese frontier). Transfer on board the "China Orient Express".
14. Day
Arrival in Beijing. The large excursion program including visits to Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City etc. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight in the hotel.
15. Day
Departure from the hotel. Flight home.
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